Work and hapiness : 5 hapiness keys


A recent survey of 26,000 employees found that almost 60 percent would choose a different career if given the chance.


In an economy where millions are unemployed for months or even longer, you might think that those who are employed would be feeling good about their job, maybe even lucky. Think again. A joint survey from PARADE magazine and Yahoo! Finance of 26,000 employed people found that almost 60 percent would choose a different career if given the chance !…

That says a lot about our happiness levels… Finding a fulfilling career is, in itself, hard work. We all want the security of a job that fulfills our creative aspirations, but many employees across the U.S. are struggling. So what’s the solution? Undoubtedly, you don’t have complete control over factors like your boss, money, co-workers, and assigned tasks. But there are reasons you hate your job that you can change.
Here are five reasons you don’t like your job

1. You’re unorganized

Organization clears your head. When’s the last time you organized your inbox, updated your computer and mobile device software, or cleaned your workspace? Disarray causes anxiety, so get organized if you want to feel fulfilled creatively.

2. You’re stressed

By nature, work causes anxiety. But we all have to do it. If you aren’t taking time to step back and breathe, your stress will only get worse. Take the time to relax every day, not just on the weekends.

3. You’re not taking care of your body

Are you finding yourself reaching for junk food in the office vending machine? Are you overcaffeinated? Hitting up happy hour too frequently? Taking care of your body is the first step to unwinding, so pay attention to what goes in it.

4. You don’t like your colleagues

You see your colleagues each and every day. If you don’t get along on a personal level, it can be difficult to be in the same office together each day. Try to practice empathy when dealing with your coworkers, and understand that they have a lot going on in their personal life, too. If someone seems angry or upset, take it as a sign that they need space.

5. Your finances are not in order

Just how much do you pay attention to your spending? Are you throwing money away on unnecessary items like clothing, expensive coffees, or new gadgets you don’t need? Getting your finances in order will afford you security. If you can’t reconcile your finances even after addressing your own spending habits, talk to your boss, or band together with other workers who are feeling the same.


In addition to the above reasons, it is necessary to consider the big picture. Before you automatically assume it’s just your job, consider if you are in the right industry or with a company that matches your core values.

Before throwing in the towel, consider which aspects of your job you can change in order to make your work life less stressful and more enjoyable. Learning to love your job — or just falling back in love with it — is hard work, and it often takes a level of introspection and self-awareness that some of us inadvertently lack.

Professional Coaching is nothing but a means to start such necessary level ofintrospection and self-awareness if you feel you are in such situation, in order to fall back in love with your work or to decide to move to another one.